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Asia MicroBiota Bank - Civet BioSciences

Asia MicroBiota Bank

Setting up Asia's first human microbiota repository

There are trillions of microbes that live in and on the human body, including more than two trillion in the gut (colon). These microbes aid digestion, immune systems, and may even affect mood changes. When the gut bacteria, microbiome, is out of balance, it creates a state of dysbiosis and can cause susceptibility to disease. In recent years, microbiota research has unveiled just how relevant human organic bacteria is in achieving optimal health.

How can microbiota be collected and refined for treatment?

Recent scientific research has demonstrated that human stool carries live active microbiota from the host. To extract the bacteria, the stool must go through a recycling or refining process. This process removes all the food waste, human hormones and other undesirable particles. The next step isolates the microbes, allowing a second level of cleansing, in order to fully extract the live microbes for testing and use. Once thoroughly extracted, reduced and purified, these live microbes can then be used to treat patients who lack sufficient diversity of gut flora to function optimally. For example, this treatment has been used with patients who experience intestinal dysbiosis or are infected by clostridium difficile.

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